About Kye


inspiritadFREEE1Kye Crow currently lives in Queensland with her partner Gill and a huge tribe of previously rescued, abused or orphaned animals, including a herd of camels, goats, sheep, pigs and dogs, a donkey, a pony, a flock of once-caged parrots, who have all arrived at different times and now live freely in her garden.


Kye and her partner Gill are currently seeking a new location for their sanctuary. {please see details on my ArkHeart page or visit our website http://www.arkheart.love}. They do not ever wish to turn animals away but until they get a permanent home for their ArkHeart sanctuary, the rescue work they do with animals, is on hold.

Formerly from the UK, Kye grew up steeped in the magic and wisdom of the animals, her greatest love.



She was only five when she was first shown a vision of the sanctuary she would one day build: a healing haven for the weary and footsore of the animal realms and a centre of learning where people could come and share in the wisdom and healing of the animals.

Kye has always asked to be shown divine truths working in her own life in a way she can understand.

Often called stubborn, Kye refuses to accept spiritual truths unless she can see them working in her own life, which has led to all sorts of adventures. Kye’s request to Spirit is simple: if something is a Sacred Truth, please teach it to me in a way I can understand.

This had led to many adventures. The Divine laws of Prosperity were taught in India when she had everything of value stolen and lived there for a further six months in a space of trust. She has fire walked, spent time with the Filipino healers, climbed holy mountains honouring the sacred rituals of the ascent, faced-black magicians and learnt from many wise beings along the way.

Kye has never chosen to walk the well-worn tracks and ne of her ultimate lessons of trust occurred when she was guided to sell her beautiful newly renovated home that she was all snugly in, get rid of all her posessions and head out into the desert with her partner Gill, travelling in a camel wagon, pulled by eight camels and with over 50 different animals travelling with them and more b eing rescued along the way. Kye and Gill had no idea where they were going and over three years travelled over 2,000 klms until they were guided to a run-down scout camp on the edge of a dried-up lake, the place where they would create a sanctuary. Kye’s second book in the Ghosts & Ghoumas trilogy shares the story of this amazing trip and the wonderful connections made with the animals.


Kye has thoroughly tested the truth that the only limitations we have are the ones we put there ourself.

Anything in life is possible if we let go and trust.

And believe … most of all in ourselves!


Kye is a sacred seamstress, a visionary, artist, writer and a sensitive. She is passionate about helping others unveil their Sacred Path through retreats, courses and storytelling.