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Sacred Journey into The Animal Realms

Due out in July 2018.

You can pre order your copy and help get this amazing book out into the world.




This book is so needed now for us and most of all the animals. In this book you hear the voices of the animals as they have spoken to us over the years as they lead us on a magical journey. In the meantime however ,you can purchase your own box set of 55 gold edged wisdom cards thats are based on my “Sacred Journey into the Animal Realms” book.

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Sacred Journey is going to shine a light so bright that we ourselves will be shifted vibrationally and how we treat our animals will never be the same again. Its very exciting!


Ghosts and Ghoumas 

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How did I become someone who takes a wagon pulled by eight camels, accompanied by fifty other rescued animals, and walks them with my partner Gill down through Australia’s inland deserts from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory to Menindee in New South Wales?

Kye & Gill's wagon


In Ghosts and Ghoumas, the first book of a planned series, I explore the early experiences that made me the person whose cross-desert walk ended with setting up a rescued-animal sanctuary by the Menindee Lakes.

Ghosts and Ghoumas covers my early and intense passion, inherited from my mother, for the loving care of animals. Its story also weaves from the sadness of an unhappy relationship that took me on a journey from my home in Australia to India—where I lived for six months after having everything of value stolen in the first week and learnt that crisis and calamity can be a transformational experience—and then back to my roots in the UK. My journey led to finding my father, seizing a great love with courage, making art in the form of beautiful hand-dyed clothing, being pulled to the very heart of Australia, and drawing on all those experiences to write.

Ghosts and Ghoumas will be drawing you in from the first moments:

 “This is a journey that began over twenty years ago in 1991, when my life—a big old mess until then—cracked open. It began in Goa, India on the shores of the Arabian sea in the already sweaty hours of the early mornings as the sun turned everything amber. It began in the colourful cacophony of the early dawn … whilst cows that looked to be cut from card, sat chewing their cardboard cud.”

Author Paula Constant (Slow Journey South, Sahara) says:

“I just finished Kye Crow’s book, Ghosts and Ghoumas. Despite having had barely a moment to myself in weeks, I found the time to read this—I found it hard to put down. I loved the openness, honesty, unadorned telling of her spiritual journey and, above all, her wonderful humility.”

My journey in Ghosts and Ghoumas is an intensely magical one and this is a book that journeys deep into the shadows and unveils the greatest treasure of all, Love.

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Long Walk Home

Coming later in 2019 my next book in this series, Long Walk Home, will tell the story of the journey Gill and I took by camel train from Alice Springs to Menindee.


  1. Hi Kye,
    I’m getting towards the end of ghosts and ghoumas book 1 and I’m already looking forward to the next one… Do you have any clue on when the 2nd chapter will be out and it’s title? Thanks and keep going, you are such an example! 🙂

    1. I have been so held up from writing this year Hayley. But the good news is that when I finally get to finish my books ,there will be three released at once and thank you Hayley

  2. I have tried to leave a message with you but I can’t find a way I can’t on facebook because I refuse to sign up, so they won’t let me communicate with you I tried to leave a msg with the chap doing yr petition but site keeps telling me I am not typing in the anti spam code correctly & I have typed in EXACTLY the code, about 8 times

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