Retreats and Treks

We are currently looking for a suitable location for ArkHeart where we can  welcome you on a Sacred Path retreat or camel trek.



At these rare bush retreats you will have a unique opportunity to disconnect from the static and pressures of your everyday lives, whilst learning the tools to live more simply and peacefully on our earth as you connect with the animals at our sanctuary. This in itself can be life changing!

Add to that:

  • learning to embrace and be in this moment
  • healing and transformation through ritual
  • sharing sacred space with like minded souls
  • wisdom and guidance from the animals and a deeper connection with them
  • ceremony around the fire
  • starlit/moonlight ritual baths
  • great Vegan food and so much more

If you would like to go on our mailing list and be kept informed of future workshops and retreats, or you have some land you feel would be suitable for an ArkHeart Sanctuary and are willing to work with us to set it up in trust for an ArkHeart sanctuary, please email us through the Contact form below.

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