Hello my loves,
I have finally found time to update my blog and our Arkheart website {} and share all our news.

Last year ended with us choosing to relocate from our sanctuary of twelve years and as many of our dear supporters know, we got put through the wringer!
I am pleased to tell you though, that we are in a lovely calm space now. We were offered safe haven with all our animals which has been truly appreciated. For the last few months Gill and I have been happily camping with our animals. Its not always been easy but I can see its been a bountiful time of restoration and recovery for us all.

Oh, did I tell you ..I also finished writing my “Sacred Journey into the Animal Realms” book while living simply on the edge of a river in our bus. Its truly one of the most heartfelt and sacred gifts I have ever done.
A friend commented the other day on how much Gill and I accomplish despite caring for a sanctuary of animals, keeping finances flowing, and completing projects that take months of focused dedication like our “Sacred Journey into the Animal Realms 55 Wisdom cards”.  These cards were birthed at a time of immense challenge, when on top of everything else we were also defending ourselves in the supreme court!

Each card was direct wisdom given to me, or shared by the animals that helped keep me focused on what was important..LOVE!…during this difficult time. If you have these cards you know they have such an incredible energy, they come emanating love!

But just imagine how much we could do with support, encouragement, and the security of our own sanctuary….thats our goal now!
To set up an amazing eco sanctuary/retreat. From all our experiences, we have learnt that for the work of ArkHeart to continue, we must own the land our sanctuary is built on and set it up in trust. This way the work we do will continue after us and all the animals and birds will have a safe haven for their entire lives.


We have seen the perfect bit of land we would love to purchase, but we also have to raise the finances so we are open to looking at different possibilities for us to set up our sanctuary now. Do you have land you could allow us time to raise the finances for. It needs to be suitable for an eco retreat, without close neighbours and at least 500 acres. Even if its land we can use right now while we build up Arkheart and the funds to purchase. Our aim is to move to within two hours of the coast where we have a lot of support.

​Gill and I work incredibly hard. We are also passionate and dynamic creators with many marvellous ideas and we already have a wonderful foundation with our books and our wisdom cards.  However thats just the beginning.
Behind the scenes we have a new fundraising project on the go that will spread the message of Arkheart and bring the support we now need to build this vision. Many of you know Gill and I follow the guidance of our heart and spirit . When we were first shown the vision of ArkHeart we also saw a galaxy of light and were told this represented all the people that would come and be part of Arkheart. Its certainly going to need many loving hearts and hands helping. If you feel the call to get involved let us know.

But stay tuned my friends. I truly feel the best is yet to come in our adventures. A vision so beautiful all will feel its energy is about to be birthed. We can both feel this. The guidance we keep getting is to move ahead fearlessly. We are supported and its time to start creating havens of such love and kindness they overflow out into the world.

I hope you enjoy looking at our site.
Let us light up the darkness with our LOVE

Kye & Gill

And this is some of us going on a morning walk around the Sanctuary with just a few of the crew along!

While we plan to open the Sanctuary to the public soon, and have you come and spend time with us in retreats and on camel tours and so on, it does take a good deal financially to keep us running and the animals fed.

Any help you can give by donating to the Sanctuary would be a wonderful gift of love to them, to us and to the work we are doing.

If you can donate, thank you!




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