A sneek peep Chapter One of Sacred Journey into the Animal Realms.

POST update on 20th April 2018

The great news is this book is FINISHED! Its now in editing stage. I have to say this book came unexpectedly and demanded i write it, or rather held the pen whilst spirit did . I did have  the second book in my “Ghosts & Ghoumas” {Treasures of my Sacred Path series} waiting to be completed but No, despite deadlines for that, “Sacred Journey” had to come NOW!!! and I know why . Its important, its vital, its a message we need on our planet right NOW. Its also a powerful voice for the animals.

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It also contains wisdom from the other sacred realms. When you connect with the animals you open all the sacred doors. We have been led to believe that animals are NOT conscious beings and do not feel pain in the same way we would. The very forces that stripped animals of their sentience so they could profit from them, are those that also mock and deride the existence of the faery, the dragons and all the magical dimensions.

Its time to give the animals a voice, let them be seen for who they are and reclaim our magical selves and create a beautiful new reality for us all.

So please enjoy Chapter One. Its unedited and raw but I’m pulsating with excitement about this magical book and couldn’t wait to share just a little bit. We are a couple of months away from completion. I am now taking pre-orders. Your support will help birth this book and its powerful message out into the world . The animals need the messages in this book to be shared far and wide.

A sneek peep Chapter One of “Sacred Journey into the Animal Realms”

by Kye Crow.

Chapter One

From the Four directions

The sun shines brightly in the clear blue sky whilst a flock of white corellas screech excitedly from the big gum trees that grow in the dry creek bed. If we are still enough and squat down gently we may just see the family of rabbits that watch us secretively from the shadowy depths of their burrows under the crouching corkwood tree. Even though word has gone out into the animal realms that we are gathering, open hearted, willing to learn as we help anchor a new way of living on our planet that honours our animal friends, trust is something we must all earn.

Far off in the east, we hear the calls of many eagles as they take to the air from their perches on the cold hard face of the mountain, soaring high into the sky. So high, they see everything! For a moment their huge outstretched wings block out the sun and a shadow passes over us. Do not fear, the eagles call. We are here to help you and we come with a sacred gift. We will fly with you in your visions and guide you with our wisdom in your dreaming. Together we will soar in the heavens.

In a small cave on the steepest face of the mountainside a mother eagle fluffs up her feathers and crouches over her eggs guarding them protectively. Content not to soar she nurtures the new life that grows strong within the eggs. The birth of a pure white eagle has long been foretold, whispered from grandmother crone to mother to fledgling daughter. It will only be born when the people of the earth wake up to the truth that we are all intricately connected, all one and what we do to the animals and birds, the reptiles and insects and fish, we do to ourselves.32 birthoutlines

All the animals of desert and forest, of ocean and trees, even the ants cleaning up the carcass of a long dead kangaroo pause for a moment to look skyward. They all know that the time of the white eagle is almost upon us. Almost!

Our attention is drawn to a herd of goats approaching us from the south. There is no hurry and with every step there is something wonderful to explore. You see to walk towards their destination without relishing and savouring every sweet breath would not even occur to them. A fragrant leaf to nibble, a mouthful of blossoms! A boisterous scratch up against a dead tree stump, a stretch and a play. They will get to us eventually.

They are magnificent creatures with big spirally horns and wild and woolly coats and in their midst we are delighted to see three new born kids frolicking along. Oh what a wonderful omen this is and it’s significant that there are three. Life speaks to us in the wind, the stones, each tiny grain of sand and whispers of wisdom can be heard in the death throes of a rabbit caught in the talons of a hungry eagle, as well as in the birth of these three baby goats. The same sad breath that cry’s of death is the same joyous cry of birth. Three pure white goats. Three rays of light, the perfect balance between male and female. The sacred dance that happens in the space in-between. It’s the union between mind, body and spirit, when all become ONE and the doorway to the magical and miraculous opens.

2 nothingtofearoutlines

Let us sit on the earth and soak up her energies, for the goats are drawing in around us and if we close our eyes and open our hearts they can communicate with us in their own unique way. It may be in words, in visions, in feelings or an experience unique to you that you just know is from the goats.

Their gift to us is their presence. In the moments when we will frolic on the edge of our own precipice before taking our leap of faith and those times will come, the goats who are sure footed in the steepest and most treacherous terrain will be our guides. But we will face these challenges only when they appear. Why waste time thinking about what may come, when it’s such a beautiful day. Time to have fun and that’s exactly what the goats are doing! Playing on the river rocks in the dry creek bed, jumping from one to the other with a flamboyant leap and a kick. This is only a tiny show of what these agile goats can do; wait until our journey together climbs into the familiar terrain of these precipice dancers, high up in the mountains. We will get to know them better then.

Can you hear the beat of the tribal drums, calling the animals from far and wide? Its percussive beat the same pulse as the heartbeat of our mother, gathering her children from every realm. Animals, fae, dragons or fish, we are all connected, all one and there are many animals and beings from other dimensions coming to share their wisdom and love with us too.

It is almost night-time when the foxes arrive. Creeping in from the west as stealthily as the fading day. With hair the colour of flames these beautiful creatures live in the potent cusps, when one force meets another. Known in the sacred realms as the betwixt times. These powerful times of magic remain closed to us if we have judgement of our brothers and sisters, birthed from the same sacred source as us, our kin ,the fox. The red veined shadows of dusk; the forests edge, the lap of the ocean on the shore, the equinox’s and solstices, the passing from life to death, even the fairy realms that live in a hidden dimension are all magical doorways that fox moves through with ease.


One of the foxes comes forward to speak with us. Her coat has seen brighter days and we can tell by the grey in her muzzle and the slow, slightly stooped way she walks, she has seen many moons. She asks us to listen. This is the time of council between all species and understanding fox will help us gain awareness of ourselves.

She tells us she has a gift for us and she places on the earth a mirror and beckons us to look. What do we see? Do we wish to grow beyond limitation; do we choose to soar in truth?

NOW is the time to understand that the reflection we see when we look at fox, is our own.

Long ago, this wise vixen tells us, before people forgot and denied their very essence and stopped living in a sacred way, honouring all life, the animals knew this time of darkness and ignorance would fall upon the earth and they were prepared as each species had a role to play in “The Remembering” Some like the camels and the elephants kept the dragon lines clear and held the ancient earth wisdom, others like the parrots and the hummingbirds were to remind us of joy, the crows and ravens held the sacred truths, whereas emus were our guides on our spirit journeys into the dreaming. Some of the roles the animals chose they knew would not be easy. They faced violent deaths and persecution because the peoples of our planet would blame the animals for what they were unable to face within themselves. Even so noble fox and others like the cats and dingoes and wolves willingly offered to come back as one of the mirror keepers and none of the other animals envied that!

It is people’s imbalance and greed on the planet that creates havoc and carnage in the animal realms. All we do is reflect the imbalance back!

Our wise vixen pauses. We are all silent; we have felt her sorrow for her species as she speaks. No wonder the foxes hold back from us. They have been judged and condemned and sentenced to brutal and horrific deaths and only the wise folk have seen who they truly are.

She takes a deep breath and composes herself; there is little life left in her old and weary body and she knows it. This night will be her last and as the following day fades, in the magic of the cusp, she will take her last breath as a fox and return to sacred source. She has no resistance, no fear even. Death is but a cycle of life, not an end. To hold back the flow would be like trying to stop a healthy seed planted in the fertile earth of our mother from sprouting.

She has given us the mirror but she has one last thing to tell us.

When the people of our sacred earth understand that the imbalance they see and judge, reflected in the animal realms begins and flows from each one of you, only then will you have the key to transformation and only then will all beings be able to live in peace and harmony.

A group of young foxes hesitantly approach. They have walked the path of persecution and yet they willingly chose too just to help us see. Trusting in the outcome even when everything in their earthly realm felt bleak. They have all lost family, mothers, brothers, sisters, and cubs to cruel and vicious deaths. They know the harrowing tears of grief. With such respect and honouring they gently help the old vixen, their matriarch back to their folds and as they settle under the fragrant sandalwood trees we see that even the fairies have come to honour the last mortal hours before the passing of this beautiful soul who never gave up, even though many times she despaired.

This old vixen is an inspiration to us all and she knows many of us have also felt her pain. The light keepers, birthed onto the planet to help hold a new vibration. It has been a gruelling journey for so many. But this is why we are here, right now in this moment. Gathered together in heart and soul, willing to grow and bloom. You see no experience is ever wasted and every seed of love does sprout and grow big and strong when its planted within.

We will build a fire together that burns brightly all through the night and we will honour this wise old vixen. As the last rays of sunlight are embraced by the night and the smoke from our fire spirals up into the heavens and the silver chord that connects her to her body dissolves like mist, may the last thing her earthly ears hear is our chants of love that are sung just for our blessed and beloved great great great grandmother fox. In the cusp of life and death and new beginnings too. Under a sky full of diamonds we will sit and sing and chant our prayers.


There are some cycles that need to be completed before a new one can begin. What did you see when you looked in Fox’s mirror? Have you made peace with the image you saw? With the passing of our wise old fox we have each faced our own journey into the shadows and we may have shed tears that came from deep within, for when we cry for another it’s often our own pain we release. We can only make way for the new by releasing the old. A tree cannot unfurl its fresh new leaves unless the old ones have fallen.

As the sun rises on the horizon huge and ruby, bulging like a belly on the cusp of birth, a flock of red tailed black cockatoos fly circling above us, squawking. We know by their presence that the ancestors, those that walk in the unseen realms, animals, birds, reptiles and kin also journey with us and we acknowledge them and give thanks. We have many wise guides on this journey for times does not exist in the sacred and past, present and future merge together in this moment and become one.

It is a new day and approaching from the north we see our friends the noble camels who come out of the hills like some long lost ancient tribe and they walk so proudly towards us. Many have moulting winter coats woven with the seeds of the desert, whilst others are covered in mud baked hard by the sun giving them an armadillo appearance. They wear the landscape in which they live, their tribal paint, their ceremonial ochres, their feathers and seeds and they walk wild and free. We are mesmerised as we watch them weaving towards us along well-worn tracks through a desert that grows lush after the recent rains. Nearby is a muddy pool of water, which they gather around. The youngsters romp playfully in the mud whilst their mothers, udders full rest nearby. The older camels worn lean by too many hard years in the desert, settle in the shade whilst the giant bull, off to one side, the pungent and muscled king, keeps an ever-watchful eye on his herd.


The camels carry the sacred wisdom of our earth and guardian the realms of the dragons. They bring to us the gift of seeds that will anchor a new consciousness on our earth and they will be our guides for much of this journey.

As the animals gather around us they tell us to come empty handed, there is nothing we need bring on this journey of love. For too many years on this earth, we have been cut off from the magic and mystery of not only our own sacred selves, but also the world in which we live and its time for that to change.

Are you ready to dive deep into the Sacred Realms of the Animals and ultimately yourself? For every Sacred Journey begins within, and every trip into the heart of love can only be travelled in gentleness and truth with a willingness to look and face what we may have previously missed.

Together let us journey on in LOVE

Book will be coming out June/July 2018



In the meantime you can purchase the beautiful box set of Sacred Journey into the Animal Realms 55 Wisdom cards



  1. Oh thank you Jacqui,its deep and beautiful and precious..Im quite stunned by it…it came of its own accord..so happy its felt ..love you xxxx

  2. Your words just form this beautiful picture in my head.I can see so clearly the animals, birds and fae joining in this celebratory journey. Want to read it again, but will store it in my memory for when you publish the book…..then I wont have to stop, just when it’s about to begin. Beautiful Kye ……

  3. Dear Heart: I am sitting here crying – partly in sorrow for our separation from All Live…and joy that we can be a part of the Awakening. Thank you for this luminous “sneak peek”….All Love, Padme A’Tea

  4. I was chanting with you as the magical vixen left this life and journeyed to the next realm. I felt the pain she had endured at the loss of members of her tribe at the hands of callous humans. I stood in awe as the majestic camels approached. And I’m waiting excitedly to share the rest of your sacred journey. Love it, Kye!

  5. That dear old fox…..as im unwell at the moment I fell in love with the fox …just beautiful, divine, a peaceful serenity.

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