Money is just like LOVE


I know many of my lovely readers know that I spent almost six months in India with no reliable source of money that was my own and Im going to share a tiny bit of my journey because its a great lesson in the power of honouring ourself and its a key to knowing we can trust in the flow of our lives even when they look as if they are veering towards calamity and disaster.


 In my first week in India I had everything of value stolen. It sounds like a terrible experience doesn’t it,but it was one of my most treasured times and I would not have missed this time for anything. I lived for 5 months trusting in each moment that i would be looked after and i was in miraculous and wonderful ways that were always totally out of the blue.
I want to share this little tale that had such a profound affect on me because of its powerful lesson. It taught me the key to trust and that was honouring me.

I had decided to catch the bus to the nearest town and do some shopping with the money i had left. Like all Indian towns it was hectic and at the end of the day ready to go home and feeling totally worn out ,I made my way to the bus stop. I suddenly found myself with the option of taking two completely different choices and one of these, in my financial situation seemed very radical, if not foolish.
On one side was the bus. 2 rupees and 3 hours of crazy bumpy packed like sardines travel and on the other side was a taxi. 70 rupees and 30 minutes of comfort and i would be home. But i ONLY had 75 rupees left. I had no idea beyond my 75 rupees how i would survive once it was gone.
I thought about it for a second.The taxi was looking so attractive and i went for it.
On the way home, peeping out from lace curtained windows i had to wonder if I’d gone mad. This conversation was running in my head,
‘Your a fool’
No I am not, I’m honouring myself”
But you cant afford to, you’ve almost spent all your money”
Yeah but its by honouring myself that i manifest money”
I still didn’t have the answers when i arrived back, but i certainly felt nurtured by my choice of taking the taxi.
I decided to go out for dinner and spend my last 5 rupees, I may as well get as close to the edge as i could!
When i woke up in the morning, it didn’t hit me for a moment or two that i had spent all my money the night before. What was I going to do ? I sat there totally unsure of what my next move should be when clear as a bell i heard a voice within say,”Go to the cafe as usual Kye” I started to walk to the cafe. it was only two minutes away, barely time for a miracle and holy moly would you believe it. I FOUND a 50 RUPPEE NOTE laying on the path!!!
My lessons in India taught me that Money is just like LOVE..its the same energy and its attracted to us when we love ourselves and honour our needs as they arise.


In retrospect i realised that nurturing myself by taking the taxi had created a powerful flow in my life. So often we hold on to money because of fear and I’m not suggesting that we become reckless with it,but money is just like love and we wouldn’t say to someone we love that we wanted to hug,Im sorry i cant give you a hug, I’ve already hugged several people today and they’ve run out …we know there is a flow. There is an incredible alchemy that begins to happen when we honour ourselves and honouring ourselves NEVER involves the need for possessions.
Much love,Kye

If you would like to read more of my adventures in India ,my book is available


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