Opening up to RECEIVE and allowing the abundance and love to flow

Gill and I do some awesome work at our sanctuary and whilst we most certainly have many wonderful moments with our animals,its often VERY hard work because its just US! The truth is that neither Gill or I ever saw this place as just being run by only us BUT for the last eight years with barely any support we have been caring for every animal in need that comes our way and its got to a point where without help,we can’t go on. We are tired! Its time for us to reach out to you and ask for your help


So we are throwing our cards on the table and letting you know what we need. And yes we often have times like this. Time where we feel like giving up. Caring for animals never ends. You never get time off!  Unless there are many hands making light work of course. The reality is that we only need a few little shifts to occur for us to be supported in building our vision and continuing the work we do helping all sorts of animals in need.


Deep down I can’t see us giving up what we do. I can definitely see us having more time for ourselves,more holidays so we feel renewed and get replenished so we can continue the vision we have been shown of us creating more sanctuaries. I feel the challenges we face are learning curves and only this week I healed a really deep issue that blocked me from receiving abundance on every level and Im feeling excited because I feel our situation is about to change.

We love sharing our lives with animals, we get a huge satisfaction from releasing a bird, as we did today that needed a safe haven for a week to heal after a brush with a car. Its wonderful seeing the fully grown emus we hand reared from chicks wondering around. And how do I begin to describe the joy of reaching out and stroking a parrot that has barely any feathers and lived never being touched in a small aviary for over 70 years,until she came to live with us! Yes one of my biggest rewards is helping parrots live a life outside a cage! AND sharing all the conscious connections we have with our animals,after all they led us here!

Gill & PixieIMG04560We arrived at our current location after travelling in a camel wagon through the desert over 2,000 kilometers with over fifty rescued animals. We were on the road for three years and we had no idea where we were going. We only knew we would be guided to the perfect place to create a sanctuary. I remember reading the Findhorn books by Eileen Caddy who was guided to a rubbish dump by spirit and told to create Findhorn. Well it wasn’t quiet a rubbish dump, but a run down scout camp that hadn’t had any TLC for a very long time and was in an area it had never occurred to us we would live. Oh we resisted our guidance. This can’t be IT!!! can it? SHIT. We tried to run. This wasn’t at all what we have dreamt of and we tried to leave, twice and each time everything went wrong. We had no choice but to LET GO. Its not been an easy journey but I understand its been vital. I have learnt and grown so much from living here. I bless this time,the shadows and its treasures and feel its finally time for us to move into a new phase. To blossom like a rose in bloom!

We are located  south of Broken Hill and for the past seven years have had the lease to this property dangled like a carrot and right now our guidance is telling us to continue as if we have it and thats what we are going to do.


It may be that Gill and I set off travelling again in our wagon sometime next year to perhaps find the next place for sanctuary number two or as a means to promote this one. We are not sure yet but right now, we are here. And even though often our guidance pushes us right over the edge and asks us to trust even when all the safety nets have been removed..we are listening. There are many animals that have been released from here whose well being is dependant on us maintaining this sanctuary. It may not always be us here running the place and thats why we are looking for a team that resonates with our vision, that loves animals and would really love to get involved and there are many ways people can help. From the comfort of your own home, or by rolling up your swag and heading over here to our desert sanctuary to help.


These are some of the jobs we have at our sanctuary needing attention right now

Building Ferrous cement water tanks

creating a new living area for our pigs with their own Taj Mahal dwelling

we would love all the animal areas to be beautiful works of art and paradises for the animals that live in them

We are very keen on creating with ferrous cement

Cleaning out animal yards{daily}

gardening ..getting the vegetable garden pumping!!!

vegan food preparation

creating a self contained space for helpers

Building fences,new avairys

ARTIST PROJECTS…..We have been guided to fill this sanctuary with so much beauty and love and to call out for artists to come and create here. Its essential that everyone that comes realises they are part of the whole and that artwork happens after the animals are fed and cleaned. We all fit in the creative bits when we can. We would love to have mosaic paths and Goddess sculptures and little havens where people can sit and muse. I just tap the surface of what we can do..a giant camel out of recycled junk,if something speaks to you and you would love to create a project here..let us know.


Right now we urgently need to raise funds to get several dogs teeth fixed. We are looking at $2000. We do have a Gofund me appeal and all donations received will go to fixing our dogs teeth.

Whilst many people have awesome ideas about fund this present time we don’t have any spare time. What we would LOVE and do skips of joy for is someone who can organise something for us. Someone who can take the reins and add their sparkle and enthusiasm to our sanctuary..we can help with photos etc ..but we are stretched time wise.

SETTING up our non profit

We recently looked into getting this done with a fabulous organisation that supports children who have been sexually abused in Cambodia with their own non profit. They provide legal advice and the cost is approx $3,000 UNLESS someone can do it for us. I have been trying to get this done for years and its essential we do it now before some of the fund raisers I am creating begin to sell ..which they will. I have to say a lovely lady did offer to do this a while ago and I didn’t jump. I had just had an experience with some really well meaning people that did offer to help us in a different way but we soon realised there were strings attached and expectations. I shut down about receiving help and I realise thats not the ideal way, being clear is. People are not helping us Kye & Gill..they are helping the animals! We are always happy to network,shout out and support our helpers but in a way that resonates and is in harmony with our vision.

Other ways to HELP

Share our posts

let others know about the work we do

Buy our book and if you have already, lend your copy to your friends or let others know where to buy it or if you love it, let your local new age/crystal shop know about it. When our books are supporting our what we can do to make a difference on this earth is phenomenal!!!!

Not forgetting the important stuff

We NEED PAMPERING….with massage,yoga and Kye would LOVE some dreads and silver hair extensions..Im funking up lol if anyone wants to come and stay and do that for me. 

We have worked so hard and now its time for me and Gill to get some pampering. We deserve it!!! Oh my Goddess we are putting out for someone great at massage and yoga to come,even for a week,though ideally we would love them to live here hehe. But some great body work, shiatsu would be WONDERFUL xxxx

Live in caretakers

YES ,its time for some awesome caretakers. We can’t offer a lovely house but we can offer a simple bush home that we can create with many helping hands BUT whoever applies would need to camp and live here first so we can be sure its going to work out. We will be providing training . What we are offering is not just help to run a sanctuary ,its about creating a new way of living on the planet and there are all sorts of possibilities here for the RIGHT PEOPLE but the focus is always the animals.


how do you know if thats you 

Well you need to LOVE ANIMALS, yup I know it sounds crazy mentioning the obvious BUT we have had people come to help that didn’t!!!!!!

What else

Bush skills, be able to fix the plumbing,strip down the water pump,deal with an injured animal, get up in the night to check on a sick baby bird if you need to. Mend a broken fence. We live remote and self reliance is essential. DONT APPLY if insects freak you out!  You also need experience with large animals and you must be able to step in and run our sanctuary when we are not here. Deal with public, organise woofers and other helpers..the list goes on. We are creating something new and exciting here and many people will come to share in the wonderful experiences of sharing with so many different animals.

The animal part is voluntary BUT there would be opportunities to create an income here Book work,working with camels,helping at retreats just to name a few. We are certainly willing to talk about opportunities for people wanting to come and help us long term but who are also needing to maintain a little income. Right now we are at the building stage of our sanctuary and our vision does include employing some caretakers,but we are not there yet.

We would provide food which is vegan and mostly raw…our intention lol though we do love our baked veg . On previous occasions when we have helpers. Gill and I have become slaves to the kitchen. Not anymore. Everyone needs to help and if someone is particularly passionate about creating awesome vegan food and would love to focus on that..let us know

We don’t drink or smoke or take drugs. We are not adverse to an occasional bottle of red wine BUT we would like alcohol to be a once in a blue moon.

And please people MUST be able to communicate. I am very sensitive and really can’t live around people unless they are prepared to be honest. Im much happier and more flowing being with people that speak freely ,however blunt it may be, rather than people bottling everything up and saying everything is fine..cant do that anymore!


IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO APPLY email us for application form or enquire about helping in anyway please contact us. We would LOVE to hear from you 

Oh and before I forget we need help homing orphan goats.

We are so hands on we don’t have time to contact people,communicate with other sanctuaries about possibilities of networking to find homes for all the baby goats that come to us. Many arrive as newborns with severe injuries from being thrown from trucks headed for the abattoirs with their mums on it. We currently have a family of approx seven goats who would love a home together. Somewhere they will be safe and loved. NO TETHERS thank you. Several have been nursed through all sorts of complications and we adore them. They are our babes. We don’t want them to go BUT we don’t want to have to put down the next orphan goat that comes because we have too many. Please help us, If you can network in some way ,let us know. We would love your support on this.


BIG THANK YOU’S to all who already support us .

There are so many of you who have given time,shared posts ,helped us create a new book {Samantha!!!} Donated,sent love,sent us energy when we were down ..we love and honour you all!!!!

Biggest hugs

Kye & Gill


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