Hello….My Name is Kye Crow

Well here I am at the start of my new blog and I thought I had better introduce myself. Many of you know me as the Creatress of Wunjo Crow clothing and for the work I do with my partner Gill, at our animals sanctuary in the desert, but there is so much more to me than that.

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It may come as a surprise to know that I am not an Aussie lass and I often shake my head in surprise at where my journey has led. I grew up in a small town called Rusthall on the outskirts of Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent and in my late teens I moved to the Peak District which I loved,I NEVER thought I would leave. I loved living in England ,I was a women of the herbs and wild berries, a guardian of our local stone circles and a communicator with the animals ,especially the crows.
Of Course it was love that lured me from my homeland and led me to make my first visit to Australia. I came for a year,lost that love to his very demanding mother but soon found another,this time not a man! I fell in love with the lifestyle of beach and sun and balmy beautiful days,of huge bright blue skies and a carefreeness I’d never experienced before . Fires on the beach whilst we sung and danced and played guitar,giant papayas growing on the trees,the shriek of parrots and the flash of there emerald wings,a brown healthy body. I was hooked, but it was more than that…this was my path and my journey led me from my stone circles and herbs to my tropical home on the edge of the Coral Sea to the heart of Australia’s red desert.
There are many gifts I’ve accumulated over the years. Its not always been an easy life ,but its never been dull. I have spent time with the Filipino healers and had psychic surgery, I have climbed holy mountains, spent six months in India with no money, fire walked and learnt all sorts of lessons from living life on the edge.
Tafe course never appealed and being a rather rebellious spirit when i did need to learn something i often got stuck in a situation where the only exit and the fastest one was learn the lesson first. I’ve been snared in the web of a seventh generation witch for months on end,that everyone called The Spider,where i received training in many aspects of auric healing and living as a sensitive and so much more about black magicians and alien abductions, that I cant possibly spoil my book and tell you about all that now. I have also learnt from an amazing shaman that learnt to speak 15th century Dakota in her home in Wales, when she was taught by spirit.Oh yes, my teachers have always been colourful characters,dark and light,they could have stepped out of the pages of a fairy tale, or they have been ghosts..yes I have spent 3 months being guided by a ghost..and yes she was rather earth bound until I uncovered the crime that she wanted known and faced the perpitrators with the truth…There have been Rainbow angels that stood ten feet tall,black magicians,leprechauns and a path that took me so far of the beaten track I ended up travelling for 3 years in a wagon with Gill,my partner ,pulled by eight camels with over fifty rescued animals coming too,dogs,parrots,goats,donkey,pigeons and chickens and our rooster. We travelled over 2,200 kilometres,destination unknown following our guidance.

trust with borders

So yes, you’ve got it..my book is almost finished..would you believe I had it finished ..FINITO. DONE and a ghost from the past{literally}, chats with my dear friend Michele, who has a mega antennae to spirit and she tells her to tell me, to eat ,relax ,walk on the earth,have fun..theres just a tiny bit more to add to my book, so thats what I am doing….eating and relaxing!!!! oh yes and having fun lol

My broken mouse has just been replaced with a bright purple one,and already a few little points of my story are bouncing up and down saying..tell us more,tell us more.
I know Im almost done and I really cant wait. I have held so much back because its in my book and its going to feel deliriously free when its all out.
So welcome to my blog and thanks for spending the time to read it.


  1. Looking forward to your read . Have kept my eye on you on Facebook always love to see what you have been up to ..

  2. Congratulations beautiful Kye! So excited to read your book. I have been following your posts since I found your amazing clothing on eBay several years ago and you are a bright shining light indeed!

  3. Hello Kye…loving the blog format. It feels right! Happy you are healing from recent trauma…I don’t know how you do it! But you are doing it the right way! Many kudos to you for your fortitude and your spirit. I know they (your sweet piggies) are still with you! Blessings this holiday…

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