Today the line in the sand got crossed.


Its just over two years ago since our dear pet pigs were ordered to be destroyed because the local sergeant from the Menindee police force deemed them feral. It was only when we posted on Facebook after this dark deed had been committed that we got a wonderful lawyer step in. He helped us save the life of a fourth pig with papers whose life was being threatened because the sergeant refused to look at them,that we realised all the failing of this sergeant to follow protocol and the laws he broke that night.

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To say we were bullied and threatened is not said lightly and I have been silent for much too long.
There were reasons for my silence. Mainly that I experienced an emotional breakdown that left me shaking and hiding behind the curtains of my own home and afraid to go out. I didn’t drop the police report we were building against this man ,i put it on hold but all the statements and evidence we filmed and recorded that night are with a lawyer. Not only was this sad man happy to wreak the havoc he did ,when I posted the event on Facebook and got legal support and put in a police complaint,he then tried to get us kicked out of this property. A personal vendetta,not police business!
Since this time we have had NO police support. We have felt unable to call for help if we have needed it. I will just say that we always had a great relationship with the police up until this time but just before this awful incident a local cop who was being moved to another area said to us “Im worried for you Kye,there will be no-one watching your back with the animals when we go”I honestly did not realise what he meant until the sergeants visit a few weeks later.
Just recently pushed to the edge by a killing spree of two young lads ,I called the police. We had the number plate and asked that they at least get a warning. They had left a trail of injured animals that we had to put down. We got no help/support and were told they had been unable to do anything because the car was in the next state! When we called the police about two weeks later because of a similar crisis,only this time my phone had been snatched out of my hand as they drove off because I was filming the vehicle that had been running over animals. Stolen phone,which later turned up broken and a local number plate and still they did NOTHING! They didn’t even get back to us to let us know. {UPDATE..the police constables DID get back to us on this. There has been a fine for the phone}
Today we called the police again because the owners of the property next door were firing a gun near our home and when we went to see what they had done we found the mutilated bodies of five of our pet goats. I think its five,it was a pile of dismembered bodies and I felt so sick, I was unable to count.
The police have since contacted us back to tell us that these men were authorised!!! What to drive around our home predating on our animals that should have been safe. This is deplorable and these men are from a major food company. And police gave the OK even though they were shooting in sight of a local caravan park and our home, close to roads on both sides,in an area of people camping and children riding their trail bikes. There is no part of this that should be supported by the police and if that is what they are doing,we are being looked after by villains!
No-one will do anything about our dear goats whose tracks we have followed and they were herded from the vicinity of our animal sanctuary by the hunters car so they could shoot them on their own land. On top of that atrocity people firing guns in range of peoples homes is not only allowed its supported.
I will not be silent anymore
If people do not feel safe in their homes and the animals cared for by a sanctuary are not safe, the police force is not doing their job and is letting us down badly.
Even though I have felt isolated and very much alone,I suspect that others out there living in rural areas are and have experienced similar lack of support from their local police and have lived like us, ducking bullets and fearing for our animals lives.
I ask you to share this post far and wide and if you know of people that will support us,please let them know.
We create such goodness and love here. Everyone that comes loves what we do and many of you have cherished the work we do to help the animals.
My voice now will be even louder.
and this time I will not hide behind my curtains shaking with fear
Bullies,sick and sad men,you have taken one step too

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  1. Hey Kye! Another impulsive decision to leave FB from me! Needed more breadth of space again. Been thinking about you a lot and how, now, I can keep up with your news? Which is your best non-facebook address to get the latest news from? I am also using wordpess…Was all sounding pretty positive last time I looked…LOVE many, trust a few and always paddle your own canoe. xxxxxx

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