Animals deserve our loyalty

Gill with camel
 I am always so astounded by the ever increasing number of unwanted dogs and cats in the pound and the never ending stream of unwanted horses and camels that once were much loved members of a family until they either got to old or too small, or not fancy enough, who end up in horse sales, many going straight to the knackers!
I can’t imagine the level of betrayal an animal would feel to be discarded like this. Yes they have feelings too!!!!
The stress and separation anxiety an animal experiences when parted from its family, its herd, its friends is just as intense as when we grieve the loss of those we love, except it comes with an even greater vulnerability because, the life of an animal, to live loved and cared for, or not, is in OUR hands!!!
We can get up one day and on a whim decide we no longer want that cute little pony we have had for ten years and not even shed a tear that we are separating it from its best mate, a donkey, who its devoted too.
And I don’t say this lightly. I know animals. I live and breath them, they are part of every minute of my every day. I have witnessed their pain and grief, I have heard them groan and cry in anguish at the pain they have suffered at the hands of man and yes I will speak out.
We need to have these conversations, we need to understand how we can hurt and wound our gentle friends when we turn our backs on their fate.
Please don’t turn your back on those who have served you well.
We all have choices!
And if we choose to make sure that horse, all our kids learnt to ride on, that sadly we can no longer afford to keep finds an amazing home, guess what, it will! And if it takes a little longer than loading it on the truck right now and we ask spirit for help, guess comes.
There are some doors however low I fall I will never open and I would never send a defenceless and vulnerable animal to an auction and hope for the best. Its not good enough.
Animals are like our children. We must make sure they are going to be loved and looked after.
Most of us wouldn’t send a child out into the world all alone, so why send our animal friends?
They need us to speak out for them
They need us to care.
If you would love to help support our work with animals. We do have some books and sets of beautifully illustrated wisdom cards.


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